West Coast state of mind

Another state of mindIn honor of the Northeast Underground’s upcoming trip to California, I thought I would create a special blog post honoring a selection of some of the Golden State’s finest musical treasures. However, the more I contemplated tackling such a piece I soon realized that the task was completely unrealistic.

Who would I put in the article? Who wouldn’t make the cut? The sheer number of choices soon proved overwhelming. So, I decided to open the discussion to you the readers.

What are some of your favorite California-based bands? What songs put you in a west coast state of mind? The Beach Boys or Pavement? Dead Kennedys or X? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below, and upon my (hopefully more tanned) return I will compile a post featuring the best suggestions as well as a smattering of comments from my journalistic holiday.

Good luck surviving the cold. And if you need some added warmth, here’s a sampling of some of Orange County’s finest punk rock to get the old blood pumping.

Watch Orange County’s own Social Distortion here:

The Northeast Underground returns next week, so check back soon for updates.


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