You decide: Foo Fighters vs. King Missile

While driving to work the other day, I was suddenly taken aback to hear the strains of a song I hadn’t heard in years emanating from my car radio. ‘Wow, they’re actually playing this,’ I thought. ‘I would’ve never expected…’

Then, just as quickly as the wave of nostalgia had hit me, the feeling was gone. I was listening to a different song.

Causing my confusion was the track “Rope,” the debut single off the Foo Fighters’ new album “Wasting Light,” which I was mistaking for “Detachable Penis” an early ‘90s hit by avant-garde rockers King Missile. Though not an exact match nor a repeat of the infamous Coldplay vs. Joe Satriani debate, the intros still bear a striking similarity to each other.

So, do Dave Grohl and company have a certain lost appendage on their minds or was John S. Hall’s semi-obscene ode to his missing member really ahead of its time?

You decide. Take a listen yourself by viewing the two videos below and leave your thoughts in the comment section. Not convinced? That’s okay too. Let me hear what you have to say.

Watch the video for the Foo Fighter’s new single “Rope” here:


Watch the video for King Missile’s off-beat hit “Detachable Penis” here:

For more information on the Foo Fighters and King Missile please visit and


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