British songstress Amy Winehouse found dead at age 27

Amy Winehouse - Back to BlackAccording to U.K. news source the Guardian, the critically-acclaimed soul singer Amy Winehouse was found dead Saturday morning in her London flat.

Officials currently list the reason for her death as “unknown,” but the news comes just over a month after Winehouse was booed off the stage during a concert in Serbia and only a few short years after she battled serious health problems.

Though most popularly known for the release of her award-winning 2006 album Back to Black and its hit single “Rehab,” the troubled singer has become synonymous in recent years with her battles against drugs, alcohol and the law.

Watch the video for the song “Back to Black” off the album of the same name here:

While the jokes during a time like this are too easy and the condemnation to come from critics will no doubt be heavy-handed, the truth is what happened is a tragedy and sadly one that easily could have been avoided.

One can never truly know how the power of fame will affect a person and unfortunately, as the past has proven, the more artistic of us are usually the most susceptible and/ or sensitive to its charms.

Like many others, I was hoping for a comeback one day Amy. But maybe now you’ve finally found some peace instead.

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