Happy New Year and happy birthday!

NE Underground 1 yearHappy belated New Year everyone. And happy birthday to me.

That’s right. One year ago today, the Northeast Underground launched its first post via the Valley Advocate’s website. And what a subsequent 12 months it has been.

Did you know that in just the inaugural year of its existence the Northeast Underground completed interviews with such musicians and icons as Henry Rollins, Lou Barlow, Stephen Kellogg and more?

Not only that, but the Underground also gave you the reader its take on some of the hottest concerts to hit New England. Fleet Foxes, Dinosaur Jr, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – the Underground was there at each show, and sometimes there was even pictures and video to prove it.

What’s more is that we’re only getting started. From now until the Mayan apocalypse wipes us all off the map, the Northeast Underground plans on attending even more gigs, interviewing even more bands, and generally providing anyone who visits our little slice of the Internet even more commentary and entertainment. Oh yeah, and we’re going to do it for free.

Sure, sometimes we may get political. And other times you may not like what you read. But let us know in the comment section, and we’ll be sure to respond. Heck, we might even answer any questions you have or teach you something you didn’t already know (not likely, but hey we’re optimistic like that).

The point is we’re grateful for having spent the last year giving those in the Pioneer Valley and beyond our inane opinions and thoughts on a variety of topics. And we hope to keep doing so for a long time to come.

But in the meantime…

In honor of the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new daughter Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday watch the video for a bluegrass cover of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” by singer and songwriter Hugo here. Not so much a comment on the birth, but just a great rendition of the song. Woohoo!

Plus, don’t forget the Northeast Underground is on YouTube and Twitter. Check out the links below today:

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