Dropkick Murphys’ frontman bets big

DKM - Kerry Brett

Dropkick Murphys (Photo credit: Kerry Brett)

No Samuel Adams on Super Bowl Sunday?

For one New York City sports bar such a drought will be the order of the day during the big game, and the reason behind the lack of suds rests squarely on the shoulders of Dropkick Murphys’ frontman Ken Casey (see picture, with accordion).

Much like back in July, when he put his karaoke skills on the line for charity, Casey is once again trying to raise funds for his organization the Claddagh Fund, which supports non-profits that champion the causes of children, veterans and those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

However this time, instead of putting his vocal chops to the test, Casey is putting his money on the line. As part of a friendly wager with Shaun Clancy, owner of Foley’s Pub in New York City, Casey, who owns McGreevy’s 3rd Base Saloon in the Back Bay of Boston, has agreed to bet that his bar will sell more Shepard’s Pie between Super Bowl Sunday and Major League Baseball’s opening day on March 28.

And the consequences of the bet are dire.

In addition to donating the loser’s proceeds to the winner’s charity of choice, the PatriotLedger.com has also reported that, “the defeated bar owner will have to ship up to Boston or down to New York to the winner’s city and work a bartending shift – clad in the enemy’s team jersey.”

But Casey isn’t scared.

“Clancy better add some red and white to all that blue he’s wearing,” says the bassist. “He’s going to be making a 200-mile drive north, wearing a Tom Brady jersey and pouring us pints of Sam Adams.”

Yet, perhaps in retaliation to Casey’s boast, Foley’s Pub has no plans on serving the Boston-based beverage.  According to CBS news, Clancy’s establishment will not be selling Samuel Adams during the clash between the Patriots and Giants.

Though not intending to cause any hard feelings with his decision, Clancy admits “It did hit a nerve, but there was no malice intended.”

Still, when met with further ridicule regarding the possibility of “shipping up to Boston” to bartend in a Patriots’ jersey, the bar owner knew exactly how to respond.

“Someone asked me that question,” says Clancy. “He said,‘Hey, what size jersey should we send you?’ I said, ‘No need, I’m not gonna need it.’”

For information on the Dropkick Murphys and the Claddagh Fund please visit www.dropkickmurphys.com and www.claddaghfund.org/cf/.

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