Lou Barlow keeps Valentine’s Day indie with “Brand New Love” and more

Lou Barlow (Jens Jurgensen)

Lou Barlow, circa 1987 (Photo credit: Jens Jurgensen)

Saint Valentine can smash his head on some punk rock this holiday.

Instead of cute candy hearts, boxes of chocolate or a bouquet of flowers, Western Massachusetts native Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, etc.) is giving his fans a real gift for February 14 – a deluxe re-issue of the classic lo-fi Sentridoh album Weed Forestin’.

Originally self-released by Barlow on cassette in 1987, the record was also previously made available on the Homestead Records compilation The Freed Weed, which included a selection of material from Barlow’s Sebadoh debut The Freed Man.

However, technology appears to have finally caught up with such a DIY touchstone. And as part of the complete re-issue and restoration treatment, Weed Forestin’ is now being made available to audiences in a multitude of formats including vinyl and high-quality digital downloads via www.sentridoh.bandcamp.com.

Additionally, to accompany the Weed Forestin’ re-issue a second batch of material recorded during the same era and featuring unreleased songs, early versions and extended tape collages is being made available under the title Child of the Apocalypse. While even hardcore Barlow junkies will likely be shocked by the surprises in store on this disc’s track listing, the collection also includes the original version of the song “Poledo,” which many fans might recognize from the 1987 Dinosaur Jr LP You’re Living All Over Me.

Watch the video for the Sentridoh track “Brand New Love” from the album “Weed Forestin’” here:

Plus if all this good news wasn’t enough, rumor has it that Sebadoh may be hitting the studio to work on its first new record since 1999 this spring. Of course, Barlow has to finish recording with the boys of Dinosaur Jr first. J Mascis and company are currently ensconced in the hills of Massachusetts cutting new tracks for their third album since reuniting with the original line-up in 2005. And though all this playing means a heavier than normal workload for Lou, indie audiences couldn’t be happier.

Your move cupid.

For more information on Lou Barlow’s “Weed Forestin” reissue, additional Sentridoh material and more please visit www.sentridoh.bandcamp.com.

Plus, don’t forget to follow the Northeast Underground on YouTube and Twitter:

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