Western Massachusetts metal band Revenge signs to Eulogy Recordings


Revenge (Photo credit: Corrin Halford)

Well, it looks like it’s time to put another notch on the belt of the illustrious Western Massachusetts music scene.

Though popularly thought of as a hotbed for musical activity, it’s still always a joy when a band from the Pioneer Valley gains more widespread recognition by getting signed to a record label. And the latest act to join the likes of past local favorites such as Dinosaur Jr, Staind and more is none other than Springfield, Mass. metal/ hardcore group Revenge.

First forming in the birthplace of basketball in 2008, the band, which consists of members Dan McIntyre (vocals), George Barroso (guitar), Jorden Singleton (guitar), Justin Kirkland (bass) and Will Hirst (drums), was recently announced in January as the newest signing by Fort Lauderdale-based label Eulogy Recordings.

While frequently associated with its past work featuring artists like Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory and Unearth, Eulogy is also often cited for its specialization in the genres of heavy metal, hardcore and punk – a fact that suits Revenge just fine.

In fact, the band has already finished recording its full-length Eulogy debut, Hymns of Annihilation, which is due out this spring.

Watch a short clip of Revenge performing live at Anchors Up in Haverhill, Mass. here:

Additionally, with two previous independent releases already to its credit along with stints on tour with more established acts like Death Threat and Trapped Under Ice, Revenge finally appears ready to capitalize on its own well-honed sound.

Described as, “raw, unapologetic, metallic hardcore with absolutely no remorse,” this music should ably suit old listeners and new fans alike. Plus, you don’t have to worry about bundling up. This is one dish that definitely doesn’t have to be served cold to be enjoyed.

For more information on Revenge or to see future tour dates please visit www.facebook.com/revengehc.

Plus, don’t forget to follow the Northeast Underground on YouTube and Twitter:

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