Noho rockers Orange Television cover Led Zeppelin for Cinco de Mayo

Orange TV

Orange Television

Not content to let the song remain the same, Northampton rock band Orange Television is planning a special performance to coincide with the group’s Saturday appearance at the Iron Horse Music Hall.

Though taking the stage on Cinco de Mayo there is no holiday-themed music on tap, nor is there any thought to including any of the group’s own material in the set-list. Instead, OTV will be covering Led Zeppelin’s classic album Houses of the Holy in its entirety. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. Every track from “Over the Hills and Far Away” to “The Ocean” will be played live. And if there’s any band prepared for such a gargantuan task, it’s Orange Television.

Fresh off the recording of its new album Extended Play, the band has developed a reputation for a knockout live show that has been noted to contain “a darker, experimental aspect that goes deeper, and serves to give their performance a milky, intellectual aesthetic blended with a sweet, and often frightening amalgam of flavors.” Additionally, by writing and playing popular original tracks like “Assembly Line” and “Aisha,” OTV has also shown a zeal for down-home rock ‘n’ roll that keeps audiences on their feet and singing along until the wee hours of the night.

Watch a video of Orange Television performing “Assembly Line” live at the Iron Horse here:

Also appearing Saturday will be Brooklyn-based psych rockers Ellis Ashbrook. Despite touring under such a singular-sounding moniker, the group is actually a quartet and features an experimental funk-influenced sound, which has been described as “music so powerful, you’d think they were playing to save their lives.”

Orange Television performs Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy” with openers Ellis Ashbrook, May 5, 10 p.m., $8-10, Iron Horse Music Hall, 20 Center St., Northampton, (413) 586-8686,

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