With Arms Shut Tight: Creed singer Scott Stapp “abandons” President Obama

Scott_Stapp_-The_Great_Divide-For those of you who’ve been wondering where Creed singer Scott Stapp has been since his band’s heyday in the late ‘90s, your wait is over.

Sure the platinum-selling post-grunge rockers did reunite in 2009, and even released the perfunctory comeback album Full Circle in October of that year. But the latest reason for Stapp’s name to appear in the headlines (apart from various legal troubles or sex tape scandals) is his recent “abandonment” of President Obama.

While appearing on the FOX News network show “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, the singer of such hits as “With Arms Wide Open” and “Higher” publicly claimed that despite the fact that he voted for Obama in 2008, he is “disappointed” in the President’s performance during his time in office and that he feels “change is in the air.” Stapp also said during his appearance with show hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy that he wished “someone like [Ronald] Reagan or FDR could come back and give us a new deal.”

Watch Scott Stapp’s recent appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ here.

It’s interesting to note that this visit to a FOX News set wasn’t a first for self-proclaimed “registered independent” Stapp. Upon the release of Creed’s reunion album Full Circle in 2009, “Fox & Friends” was the first television appearance for the reunited group since VH1’s “Big in 2002 Awards.” Also, the band is getting ready to release a follow-up to Full Circle soon, thus the probable motivation behind Stapp’s appearance on Tuesday.

Makes one wonder…who really benefited from Stapp’s stopping by FOX News for an “undecided voter” chat? I think Stephen Colbert said it best, “The lead singer of Creed says he won’t endorse President Obama. Well, that settles it. Obama will not win the 1998 presidential election.”

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