Frampton Digs Radiohead

AmoebaCandyLogoSometimes a late-winter snow is a welcome respite. As a soothing comedown from the post-St. Patrick’s Day festivities or a restorative break from the post-SXSW music overload, Winter Storm Ukko has done a service today by allowing at least this writer a day of relative peace, albeit one that comes with a little bit of shoveling.

So, fresh in from the cold and equipped with an even fresher cup of coffee, just how has the Northeast Underground been spending the past few work-free hours? By listening to other people talk about their stuff of course.

Checking out the YouTube channel for the independent chain of music stores Amoeba Music, in particular the “What’s In My Bag?” series of segments, has been a frequent hobby of mine ever since I first learned about the videos. And being all tucked in on a snow day, what better time to comb through the playlists to learn more about the shopping predilections of a selection of music stars and other celebrities?

To wit, did you know that Peter Frampton digs Radiohead and that his daughter Mia is a big Jimi Hendrix fan?

Watch the video for the Amoeba Music’s “What’s In My Bag?” featuring Peter and Mia Frampton here:

Other trivia nuggets gleaned from watching “What’s In My Bag?” are too numerous to mention. But that’s only half the fun of watching the videos. The other half is discovering new groups, who may share your own taste in music and movies. So if you’ll excuse me, I just have to check out what the Canadian electronic band Holy Fuck has in its bag today. Here’s hoping for some songs about Mounties.

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