Big Papi, Erin Andrews and more, share in classic Red Sox win

Sure, there was any number of other notable events I could have blogged about today – the celebration of Columbus/ Native American Day, last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead, maybe even some NFL game (How about that Tom Brady eh? That kid’s going places).

But let’s face it, when it’s October in New England and the Red Sox are in the playoffs, many people focus on little else. And after the finish of last night’s game against the Detroit Tigers, there are quite a few images that will be left burned into fan’s minds for some time to come.

Exhibit A)

One of Boston’s finest proudly displays his fandom in an immortal GIF (courtesy of @BuzzFeedSports)

Exhibit B)

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews shares a Gatorade bath with Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Erin Andrews Gatorade (AP Photo Matt Slocum)

(AP Photo/ Matt Slocum)










Exhibit C)

Big Papi starts the madness with a clutch grand slam

Who’s ready for game three?

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