Lou Barlow reps The Elevators, The Folk Implosion and more, for What’s In My Bag?

The-Elevators-FrontlineTaking a break from his ongoing tour with the indie rock band Sebadoh, former Westfield resident Lou Barlow (also of Dinosaur Jr, The Folk Implosion) stopped by Amoeba Music in Hollywood recently to film a segment for the store’s popular “What’s In My Bag?” video series.

While Barlow’s choices included trendier vinyl selections by the likes of new indie rock favorite Ty Segall as well as the Unknown Mortal Orchestra, he also took time to pick up albums that feature in the framework of his own musical history.

One such record, Frontline, was actually recorded by the new wave group The Elevators, who used to play in and around the Pioneer Valley as well as Boston in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Barlow himself remembers the album as being one he sold from his collection in 1981 to get money for hardcore records, but commercially the release didn’t make much noise.

Another album Barlow picked up for a personal reason was the debut from his one of his former bands, The Folk Implosion. Labeled as an “employee pick,” by the Amoeba staff, the album can now be viewed as a piece of history, since Barlow no longer has a close relationship with fellow Implosion member John Davis, and the likelihood of another release by the duo is slim.

See Lou Barlow’s full appearance and check out the rest of his picks via Amoeba Music’s “What’s In My Bag?” here:

For more information on Lou Barlow and Amoeba Music please visit www.loobiecore.com and www.amoeba.com.

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