Beastie Boys Honor Past with Memoir and Park

Beastie Boys GoldAlmost one year after the death of group member Adam “MCA” Yauch, the remaining Beastie Boys have announced two projects this week, one of which will honor the late rapper’s memory in his hometown.

According to the New York Times on Monday, the still living members of the Beasties – Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond – have signed a book deal with Random House Publishing to create a memoir that will tell the history of the iconic trio as well as gives readers insight into the group’s style and aesthetic.

The book, to be edited by the hip-hop journalist Sacha Jenkins, will be loosely structured as an oral history. It will also have contributions by other writers, as well as a strong visual component.

Additionally, in a Friday morning ceremony attended by Horovitz as well as Adam Yauch’s mother Frances, the Palmetto Playground on Columbia Street in Brooklyn Heights was officially commemorated as Adam Yauch Park. Those interested in making a donation to the park in support of the artist’s memory can do so here.

Watch footage from the dedication of Adam Yauch Park here:

An MCA Day celebration will also be celebrated on Saturday, the one year anniversary of Yauch’s death, at the performance and art space Littlefield in Brooklyn. The event is free to attend and will feature “five DJs spinning Beastie Boys tunes and a display of art inspired by the hip-hop pioneers.”

Organizer Mike Kearney says that some celebrity guests are expected to stop by Littlefield, but just who’s coming is being kept under wraps in order to maintain the surprise for fans who attend.

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Posse in Effect: Beastie Boys, Adam Yauch say no to advertisers with will and lawsuit

Beastie Boys GoldEven in death, the Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch is refusing to sell out to advertisers.

According to a Thursday report by Rolling Stone magazine, the iconic rapper included a provision in his recently filed will that prohibits the use of his music and “artistic property” for advertising purposes even after his death.

“Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes,” Yauch wrote.

While it is unclear if this provision applies to all of the Beastie Boys’ recorded output, this is not the first time that Yauch’s wish to not have his work used in advertising has been made public. In fact, a set of lines uttered by the rapper in the Beastie Boys’ 2004 single “Triple Trouble” spoke directly to this issue.

Yauch said, “Cause I’m a specializer, rhyme reviser/ Ain’t selling out to advertisers/ What you get is what you see/ And you won’t see me out there advertising.”

Listen to “Triple Trouble” by the Beastie Boys here:


Fortunately the other members of the Beastie Boys, Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond, also seem committed to upholding deceased bandmate’s wishes. Just last week the pair along with Yauch’s estate filed suit against the makers of Monster Energy Drink for using their likenesses and music in promotional videos without consent.

Though a post by trusts and estate lawyer Wendy Goffe on has questioned the actual legal validity of the request in Yauch’s will, even Goffe admits that one Yauch’s final wishes was made for nothing but noble reasons.

She writes, “Yauch was likely making a statement to the world that life is about more than profit. He attempted to exercise control over his name, image and legacy in order to make that point. The sad irony is that Yauch’s heirs may desperately need that profit to pay the legal bills that result from his final act of defiance.”

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Beastie Boys co-founder Adam Yauch dies at 47

As reported by Rolling Stone magazine, Adam “MCA” Yauch one of the founding members of iconic hip-hop group the Beastie Boys passed away Friday at the age of 47.

Yauch, who had been diagnosed in 2009 with a tumor in his salivary gland, had been in treatment for cancer for the last several years, though it is unverified as of this writing whether it was that disease which ultimately caused his death. He is survived by his wife Dechen and his daughter Tenzin Losel, as well as his parents Frances and Noel Yauch.

While I could go on and on listing all of Yauch and the Beasties’ accomplishments (and there are many of them), I would only be echoing what is already being said all over the Internet and the rest of the world. Instead, I wish to simply use this space to highlight my favorite Beastie Boys memory in honor of a fallen musical pioneer. Sure, the Boys may have progressed far past their wild youth and become mature artists after the release of their debut album Licensed to Ill, but to me they will always be that crazy trio you wished you could invite to a party, no matter the eventual consequences.

Watch the video for the classic Beastie Boys track “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” here:

Remember, no sleep until heaven Adam. May you get to kick back with the Dalai Lama and cold bottle of Brass Monkey. There will never be another who could rhyme the rhyme quite as well as you. Mahalo.

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